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From the time of first breath, a miracle was performed. And each moment the miracle heightened as the breath was shared with others. Have faith in the cause because look at the effects that have been created. Just being you has impacted all that is surrounding you. Don’t just trust the appearances but trust all that lies within it and further, use your gift of choice.

From the earliest age, we’ve learned to trust our movements because it was already in us to move, to breathe, to connect and to just be. The miracle of breath is our ability to look within our being and trust our creation of new possibilities. We don’t just earn our wings, we’ve always had them.

The miracle within our breath is our feelings, our physcial self, our spiritual being and our mental awareness. The wisdom gained is understanding the predicaments and sentiments that arise are not unfounded or unnecessary. They are our creation. It’s the mere miracle of breath that can guide us towards the creation of new possibilities and to our gift of choice. The miracle occurs with or without our trust. But when we trust, we are more clear to seek the wisdom to create new possibilities that are helpful for our growth and to learn new movements that don’t hinder our choice to be.

The miracle is not what surrounds our being, it is the breath that moves it.

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