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Anger is a means for every individual to express the lack of alignment from within themselves. In your earth school you have learned that anger is not O.K., that anger is a means to exercise control over other living beings, and that anger is not accepted in the social conditioning of the world today. Anger is a feeling, which every human being has, and this anger, which comes forth, is simply the mind attempting to protect itself against all of the forces, which are attempting to change the unique human being today. These changes that are expected of you again come from the outside of ones self, rather than from the inside of ones being. It is through these changes that the human being is becoming more and more locked within the defines of the society, rather than being able to openly express themselves from the inside out. The expression of anger, is simple, it is an expression of anger, which is based on the social conditioning of the earth. When a human being cannot meet all of the demands, which are placed on them today, they in turn loose sight of who they are from the inside and the demands of the outside world take over.

Can anyone ever meet with all of the demands, rules, and stresses placed on them today?

How is it that we can deal with anger before it gets to the point of being harmful for not only the person who is expressing it, but also for those who are around it.

This took me a long time to understand, and it was difficult due to the fact I had no understanding of what Feelings were, and I was never taught that expressing feelings was a positive thing to do, so instead of expressing feelings as they arose, I always waited until they had piled up and they could then erupt like a volcano with one burst of anger! And to this day I still can not express my feelings, and it is taking me down more and more each day!

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